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The Lakes Wedding Venue Rental Contract

Contract Details   -  español en la parte inferior de la página

The Lakes will provide the following amenities:

  • Wedding ceremony and reception site with beautiful flowers and lake views

  • 15 round tables (seats 8) and 120 white chairs for use at wedding and reception

  • 4 long tables (8' x 30”)  (table and chair set up and take down to be done by renting party)

  • 2 - 42" round tables that can be used for guest sign-in or cake tables

  • Refrigerator and freezer provided for your use 

  • Trash removal service is provided for your event

  • Bridal Suite complete with dressing tables and mirrors

  • Groom’s dressing quarters

  • Men’s and Women’s restrooms inside with a handi-cap outdoor facility also provided

  • 30 foot by 70 foot event tent sitting on a concrete floor that can be fully enclosed in case of bad weather

  • Tent and area lighting is provided for evening events

  • Large guest parking area with close-in parking available for elderly and handicap quests

  • You need to preview the venue prior to booking to make sure everything meets your expectations.  This is an outdoor event center open to the weather and changes beyond our control.  If you plan to have a rehearsal the night before your event then you need to lease the venue for 2 days.  Your booked venue day will start at 8 am and go til 12 midnight of that day. 

  • Bridezilla's need to book elsewhere!  We are to old and cranky to deal with petty bullshit drama queens and refuse to do so.  

Cancellation Policy

  • If The Lakes is unable to fulfill this obligation for any reason under this contract, the entire $500 deposit will be refunded.   In the event of cancellation, one-half of the deposit will be refunded if... The Lakes is able to re-book another event on that date.  If not... the entire $500 deposit is non-refundable... or whatever I feel is reasonable and right. (Denis)  When a party sees that their day is taken they move on and book at another facility so a cancellation on your part can prevent us from re-booking on that date.  Our available dates are listed on our website and if a party sees their date is taken the chances of them coming back to look again for that date is not very likely. Now if you have booked a year in advance and move to another area that could be an exception where we may refund your down payment.  It just needs to be fair for everyone.      


  • Final Payment and Insurance requirements 

  • Final Payment will be due 4 weeks prior to the Event Day.   This includes insurance and any additional rental fees for linens or other items being rented from The Lakes.  

  • We require all parties to have a Wedding Liability Insurance policy to be enforce before the event can take place.  This is to ensure all parties are protected in the case there is property damage or someone is hurt at the event.  These policies are available on-line at a cost of about $117 for the required liability part.  Eventsured does offer an option that will cover you against unforeseen event cancellation or postponement if you choose to take this option with a cost of about $116 extra. We also require that we be included as an additional insured party which is included in the above pricing.  Eventsured will automatically email us a policy copy so we know when you are covered.


To be clear... Verify that you are in agreement to these terms.  WE = YOU

We understand that we are responsible for the actions of ourselves and our guests while attending our event at The Lakes. 

We are responsible for any property damage that may occur at our event.  

We will obtain wedding liability insurance and provide proof of that insurance no later than two weeks prior to the Wedding Day. 

We are responsible for scheduling our own caterer or providing our own food service and will return the venue to the condition in which it was found. If not left clean and in the condition it was found prior to the event, we understand an additional cleaning fee of $100.00 will be charged.  Denis will do a walk through with you at the end of your event to let you know all is okay.  

The Lakes is a smoke-free and marijuana-free property.  We do provide a smoking area but we do not permit smoking of any kind inside the buildings or tent.  Make sure all in your party are aware of this rule. If not a $500 extra cleaning bill is yours.   


The Lakes does not provide or sell alcohol. If you so choose to have alcohol at your event, Idaho law requires you must hire a licensed bartender to serve drinks at your event.  Guests are not permitted to bring in or consume their own alcohol. By serving alcohol at your event, you assume responsibility for any damages, injury, etc.  (Unruly drunks may be thrown in the lake... :o)  )

Candles are allowed, but they must be contained in glass holders with the flame staying below the top of the glass. 


We understand that we are responsible to ensure the venue is left in the same condition in which it was found. All decorations and props will be removed and put away at the end of our booking period unless you are instructed otherwise by Denis.   All trash will need to be bagged in the trash bags provided and placed on the end of the dressing room building.  The Lakes will provide the final cleaning of the venue after the event.  Any excessive cleaning required will result in an additional cleaning fee. 


We understand that we will meet with the owners, as well as provide a designated representative for a pre-wedding walk-through and a post-wedding walk-through to discuss any questions which might arise before, during, or after the event. If we have questions or need assistance we can contact Denis on his cell phone at 208-320-4558 anytime prior, during or after our event. All we ask is a little common sense on your part... treat the property as if it was your own.  I'm open to just about anything that will make your event special.   Let's have fun! 


We understand that pets are not allowed at the event either by the wedding party or their quests. Special exceptions may be made but must be agreed upon by the event owners prior to the event. There are neighboring dogs in the area and we do not want to have mishaps occur. 

We understand we are responsible for children and miners... er minors attending our event.  (old miners are a crazy bunch}    We... meaning YOU... will provide a babysitter or other adult to be with children at all times, especially around the lake for their safety.  The lake is shallow and muddy around the shoreline and it's about a 3 foot drop to the water along the cement wall on both sides of the deck.  Just be careful so no one gets hurt.  Now kids getting muddy can be expected so just be aware and prepared!  We have about 25 grandkids so we know... :)   

Questions... give us a call.    Denis @ 208-320-4558 and Deanna @ 208-490-6849

PS... I'm not the alcohol police but for liability reasons I have to inform you what the law says... 

Contract Agreement Form

I understand and agree that:

Thanks for booking with us! 


Detalles del contrato

The Lakes proporcionará los siguientes servicios:

Ceremonia de boda y lugar de recepción con hermosas flores y vistas al lago

15 mesas redondas (8 asientos) y 120 sillas blancas para usar en bodas y recepciones

4 mesas largas (8' x 30”) (el montaje y desmontaje de la mesa y la silla lo debe hacer el arrendatario)

Suite Nupcial completa con tocadores y espejos

Habitaciones del novio

Baños de hombres y mujeres

Carpa para eventos de 30 pies por 70 pies que se puede cerrar completamente en caso de mal tiempo

Se proporciona iluminación de carpa y área para eventos nocturnos.

Gran área de estacionamiento para invitados con estacionamiento cercano disponible para personas mayores y personas con discapacidades

Recorrido de una hora antes del evento.

Política de cancelación

Si The Lakes no puede cumplir con esta obligación por cualquier motivo en virtud de este contrato, se reembolsará la totalidad del depósito de $500. En caso de cancelación, se reembolsará la mitad del depósito si... The Lakes puede volver a reservar otro evento en esa fecha. Si no... todo el depósito de $500 no es reembolsable... o lo que yo considere razonable y correcto. (Denis) Cuando un grupo ve que su día está ocupado, continúa y reserva en otra instalación, por lo que una cancelación de su parte puede evitar que volvamos a reservar en esa fecha. Nuestras fechas disponibles se enumeran en nuestro sitio web y si una parte ve que su fecha ha sido tomada, las posibilidades de que vuelva a buscar esa fecha no son muy probables. Ahora, si ha reservado con un año de anticipación y se muda a otra área, podría ser una excepción en la que podemos reembolsarle su pago inicial. Solo tiene que ser justo para todos.


Requisitos de seguro y pago final

El pago final vencerá 4 semanas antes del día del evento. Esto incluye el seguro y cualquier tarifa adicional de alquiler de ropa de cama u otros artículos que se alquilen en The Lakes.

Requerimos que todas las partes tengan una póliza de seguro de responsabilidad civil para bodas antes de que se lleve a cabo el evento. Esto es para garantizar que todas las partes estén protegidas en caso de que haya daños a la propiedad o alguien resulte herido en el evento. Estas pólizas están disponibles en línea a un costo de alrededor de $117 por la parte de responsabilidad requerida. Eventsured ofrece una opción que lo cubrirá contra la cancelación o el aplazamiento de eventos imprevistos si elige tomar esta opción con un costo de alrededor de $ 116 adicionales. También requerimos que se nos incluya como una parte asegurada adicional que se incluye en el precio anterior. Eventsured nos enviará automáticamente por correo electrónico una copia de la póliza para que sepamos cuándo está cubierto.


Para ser claro... Verifique que está de acuerdo con estos términos. NOSOTROS = USTED

Entendemos que somos responsables de nuestras acciones y las de nuestros invitados mientras asisten a nuestro evento en The Lakes.

Somos responsables de cualquier daño a la propiedad que pueda ocurrir en nuestro evento.

Obtendremos un seguro de responsabilidad civil para bodas y proporcionaremos prueba de dicho seguro a más tardar dos semanas antes del Día de la Boda.

Somos responsables de programar nuestro propio servicio de catering o proporcionar nuestro propio servicio de comida y devolveremos el lugar a las condiciones en que se encontró. Si no se deja limpio y en las condiciones en que se encontró antes del evento, entendemos que se cobrará una tarifa de limpieza adicional de $100.00. Denis hará un recorrido con usted al final de su evento para informarle que todo está bien.

The Lakes es una propiedad libre de humo y marihuana. Proporcionamos un área para fumadores, pero no permitimos fumar de ningún tipo dentro de los edificios o carpas. Asegúrese de que todos en su grupo conozcan esta regla. Si no, una factura de limpieza adicional de $ 500 es suya.


The Lakes no proporciona ni vende alcohol. Si elige tener alcohol en su evento, la ley de Idaho requiere que contrate a un cantinero con licencia para servir bebidas en su evento. Los invitados no pueden traer o consumir su propio alcohol. Al servir alcohol en tu evento, asumes la responsabilidad por cualquier daño, lesión, etc. (Los borrachos rebeldes pueden ser arrojados al lago... :o) )

Se permiten velas, pero deben estar contenidas en soportes de vidrio con la llama debajo de la parte superior del vidrio.


Entendemos que somos responsables de que el lugar quede en las mismas condiciones en que lo encontró. Todas las decoraciones y accesorios se quitarán y guardarán al final de nuestro período de reserva, a menos que Denis le indique lo contrario. Toda la basura deberá embolsarse en las bolsas de basura provistas y colocarse al final del edificio de vestidores. The Lakes se encargará de la limpieza final del lugar después del evento. Cualquier limpieza excesiva requerida resultará en una tarifa de limpieza adicional.


Entendemos que nos reuniremos con los propietarios, así como también proporcionaremos un representante designado para un recorrido previo a la boda y un recorrido posterior a la boda para analizar cualquier pregunta que pueda surgir antes, durante o después del evento. Si tenemos preguntas o necesitamos ayuda, podemos comunicarnos con Denis en su teléfono celular al 208-320-4558 

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